sample dinner menu
mmer 2015
Our pairings evolve through the seasons and are ever changing.  
We do not offer every item every day, but base each menu on what
is best at the market that day. This is just a sample list from which
today’s dinner menu is derived.

to begin

caprese zuppa + fresh mozzarella puddle   g        
tomato-basil soup +  macadamia-pignoli pesto. extra virgin olive oil.  10

yellow tail tuna tartar + mango guacamole
olive oil crisps. ginger soy.  sesame seeds.   16

pulpo + salsa roja   g
grilled octopus. quinoa, chorizo, chickpeas + oregano.    16

lumpy cajun crab cakes + rémoulade  
jumbo lump crab meat + hint of  louisiana spice.  13

pei mussels, fines herbs + white wine   g
toasted baguette.    12

braised berkshire pork belly + salsa verde    
tomato + yellow watermelon gazpacho.    14

arugula ensalada + beemster extra aged gouda  v  g
signature dutch cheese. complex and deep notes of butterscotch, whiskey
and pecan . quince gastrique, fig-onion jam + rosemary honey. marcona
almonds + fig-almond vinaigrette.   16

grilled georgia peach salad + saint-andré cheese v g
french triple crème cow's milk cheese. dense, buttery, rich.  bloomy edible
rind. grilled asparagus, tomatoes, chickpeas + pickled red onions.
rosemary-honey. basil vinaigrette.  16

from the garden

ravioli ai quattro formaggi + spinach  v *
ricotta, pecorino, mozzarella, taleggio + spinach filling.  roasted sweet red
pepper cream + hazelnuts.    appetizer 19/entrée 29

eggplant parmigiano tower + fettuccine with pesto v
scratch-made pasta: goffle road farm eggs + “00” farina. fresh mozzarella +
herbed tomato sauce. macadamia-pignoli pesto. balsamic molasses.    29  

golden gnocchi + roasted tomato-broccoli ragoût  v *
macadamia-pignoli pesto, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, white truffle oil +
pecorino romano.    appetizer 19/entrée 29

from the sea

sesame crusted yellow fin tuna + green onion wasabi  g
sweet + sour sticky rice. pineapple-cilantro salsa. sautéed mung beans +
zucchini.   39

pan seared halibut + diver scallops   g
risotto with red spring leeks, asparagus + morel mushrooms. chablis-lemon
sauce. red pepper rouille.   39

horseradish crusted salmon + corn-edamame succotash g
pan seared with horseradish-lemon-dill panko crust. grilled jersey corn,
tomatoes, basil + cream. arugula-cucumber tzatziki.  34

seafood provençal + saffron fettuccine *  
mussels, shrimp, halibut + scallops.  braised fennel, tomatoes + chablis.
red pepper rouille.    38  

from the farm

berkshire pork tenderloin + black garlic ramen noodles
white miso-lemon grass broth. poached egg + honshemeji mushrooms.  
edamame.   32

high plains bison rib eye + yucca frites  g
haricots verts. black pepper + quince reduction. yellow pepper
allioli.   42

crescent farm duck breast + basil-lemon grass agnolotti  *
duck confit. red spring leeks, ramps + honshemeji mushrooms. apples.
honey-orange-duck au jus.   39

grilled lamb sirloin + brown butter salsify  g
cacao nib + fennel essence. vanilla bean-scented carrot purée. kale
sprouts. burgundy reduction.   39  

grilled buttermilk marinated chicken g + golden gnocchi  *
goffle road farm. roasted tomato-broccoli ragoût, macadamia-pignoli
pesto, mozzarella, mushrooms, white truffle oil + pecorino romano.  29

hand cut pappardelle + wild boar ragù alla bolognese
pecorino, porcini + basil.  appetizer 19/entrée   29

sweets for the sweet

nutty ice cream parfait + sugar cookie crumbles
vanilla bean + brown butter ice cream. chocolate + caramel.
pecan tuile. walnut syrup.   11

flourless chocolate dubbel dark ale cake +dulce de leche swirl ice cream g  
green’s gluten free belgium ale.  marshmallow.    12

new york cheesecake + raspberry gastrique
passion fruit truffle.  passion fruit sorbet.   14

strawberry + vanilla bean panna cotta g + maple macaroon g  
classic italian custard.   12

pairings cheese plate trio
california humboldt fog an elegant ripened goat cheese.
vermont cabot clothbound cheddar cellar aged, nutty.
“royal blue” stilton v g tuxford + tebbutt earthy + mineraly   15

two scoops of ice cream + hot fudge  g    9
french vanilla bean ice cream  g
chocolate ice cream  g
brown butter ice cream g
ginger scented ice cream g
dulce de leche swirl ice cream g

coffee.  decaf.  tea.  3

g  can be prepared with no gluten ingredient added
*   risotto or polenta can be substituted for pasta
v   can be vegetarian or vegan
bring your own wine